Welcome to Odd Clauses Watch

Hi everyone.  This is Jay Wexler, and this is my new blog about the odd clauses of the Constitution.  When I start getting things going here, I will be posting information, updates, links, news items, and other things relating to the more weird and obscure provisions of our Constitution.  Nothing about the Fourth Amendment or Due Process Clause here.  There are plenty of other places on the web to find out about those things.  Here, you will be able to find out about the Titles of Nobility Clause, the 21st Amendment, the Speech and Debate Clause, the Recommendations Clause, and all sorts of other parts of the Constitution you may not know about.

Coincidentally, I have a book coming out this fall from Beacon Press called The Odd Clauses: Understanding the Constitution Through Ten of its Most Curious Provisions.  Indeed, the book is already available for pre-order from AmazonHere are the first two paragraphs:

The Constitution of the United States contains some of the most powerful and well-known legal provisions in the history of the world.  The First Amendment, for example, gives us the right to speak our minds without government interference.  The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment stops the state from discriminating against us because of our race or gender.  And the Fourth Amendment, as our television crime dramas constantly remind us, prevents the policy from searching our homes without a warrant.  In the past twenty years, I would bet that several hundred books have been written about these important clauses, and for good reason.  This book, however, is not one of them.

Instead, this book will shine a much-deserved light on some of the Constitution’s lesser-known clauses–its benchwarmers, its understudies, its unsung heroes, its crazy uncles.  To put it another way, if the Constitution were a zoo, and the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments were a lion, a giraffe, and a panda bear, respectively, then this book is about the Constitution’s shrews, wombats, and bat-eared foxes.  And believe me, if you’ve never laid eyes on a bat-eared fox before, you are in for a treat.

See you soon.


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