Magliocca on John Peter Altgeld and the Natural Born Citizen Clause

Professor Gerard Magliocca teaches law at Indiana University in Indianapolis and has written some great blog posts about various odd clauses.   Like, for instance, this piece about the Twenty-First Amendment and the drinking age or this one on the Third Amendment and the war on terror.   He also has a cool looking new book from Yale University Press on Williams Jennings Bryan, which you can buy here.

Over at the blog Balkanization, Magliocca has an interesting post on the Natural Born Citizen Clause (one of the ten clauses I discuss in my book) and John Peter Altgeld, the governor of Illinois in 1896, who could possibly have been a presidential nominee that year but for his having been born in Germany.  As Magliocca says: Atgelt “is probably the most consequential person ever ensnared by the Natural-Born Citizen Clause.”  Not, in other words, Bob Hope.


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