So Many Choices! A “Third Amendment Rocks” hat or an “Eleventh Amendment Sucks” one?

It turns out that there is a surprising amount of odd clauses gear out there for sale.  If you do a little searching you can find all sorts of things, from Ninth Amendment t-shirts to  Seventh Amendment thongs.  I think my favorite stuff comes from the “Forgotten Rights” line of items from a place called “Illegal Briefs.”  Here you can buy shirts, mugs, baby clothes, and even dog shirts devoted to the third, eleventh, and sixteenth amendments (the eleventh amendment is about how you can’t sue states, and the sixteenth amendment is the one that authorized the income tax–thus the slogan “the sixteenth amendment is taxing”).   You can find all these items for sale right here.


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Filed under Eleventh Amendment, Merchandise, Sixteenth Amendment, Third Amendment

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