Odd Clauses Poll: What Should the People of Wyoming Be Called?

Earlier in the week I reported on Justice Scalia’s madcap attempt to rename the people of Wyoming in a footnote in an original jurisdiction case called Montana v. Wyoming.  Scalia recommended “Wyomans” instead of the traditional “Wyomingites.”  Actually, “recommended” is a little generous–he just basically renamed them based on his view that “Wyoman” is better than “Wyomingite” because “Wyomingite” is also the name of some rock.  Anyway, I don’t think there is any reason why Scalia should get to rename the people of Wyoming all by himself, his friendship with face-shooting Dick Cheney notwithstanding.  To this end, I created the following poll so that the people of America (and the world, really) can have a say in what the people of the great state of Wyoming ought to be called.  Vote early and often!  Results will be forwarded to the governor, whoever that is.



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28 responses to “Odd Clauses Poll: What Should the People of Wyoming Be Called?

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  3. Ben

    Yomans or Yomen

  4. Duke

    Unless that’s a dog or something which would be totally inappropriate.

  5. Ed

    While I like Wymerhymerbingbangs, I think Weisenheimer will be easier for people to spell. And really cool.

  6. P. Aaron


  7. bobo

    And here from the link I just thought is was a new feminist spelling of “women”.

  8. Burt

    I am a Wyomingite! My governor is Matt Meade. If Scalia thinks he can rename us, I have a few suggestions of my own, starting with Californicators.

  9. Steve in Colorado


    • joh

      There term for someone from Colorado is “Ball-less Wonder”. The term from someone from the great state of Wyoming is Wyomingite.

  10. Simple. “People Of Wyoming”.

  11. Flying Dutchman


  12. Mercutio

    Not amused

  13. es

    too bad you don’t know, or are ignoring, or are forgetting, what the people of Wyoming prefer to call themselves…
    I’ll give you one hint: either you or Scalia is right, and I’d place my money on a Supreme Court Justice…

  14. max


  15. C B Kiteflyer

    Wyomians seems to flow off the tongue a little better than Wyomans.

  16. Burt

    So what if Wyomingite IS the name of a rock…. New Yorker is also the name of a Chrysler.

  17. Wayne in Vancouver

    Be nice and sociable: “Wyominglers”.

  18. Equality Staters.

    There’s precedent in that people from Massachusetts were called “Bay Staters” before they started moving into New Hampshire and acquired a less polite nickname.

  19. Obie Solo

    Bunch of Wyodos…

  20. Call them “Wyomen” and ignore the women and set everything back a few hundred years. Just kidding…

  21. jww in cys

    You dopes, we are all “Cowboys”.

    And the bucking bronc on our license plates, our UW football team helmets and on our WANG C-130s is “Steamboat”.

    Cowboy up!

    jww in cys

  22. ams

    Wyomen. 😛

  23. Rachel

    Whoa whoa whoa, why does everyone on the planet get to vote?
    There will be no arbitrary name change, we’ve got one that works already.
    Also, people from Colorado are called Greenies.

  24. Caron

    As a Wyomingite, I wouldn’t mind being addressed as a Wyowoman, but with a room full of women, Wyowomen would be appropriate. We could go with Scalia’s suggestion for a single man and Wyomens for a group of men. However for a mixed group from the equality state, I think the gender-neutral Wyomingite is as fine as prarie dust.

  25. Brian

    I say Wyomaniacs is fitting

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