Scalia Prevails: People Prefer “Wyomans”; “Wymerrhymerbingbangs” Comes in Close Second

Well, that clever little Antonin Scalia has done it again.  Last week I reported on how, dissenting in the original jurisdiction case of Montana v. Wyoming, Nino christened the people of Wyoming “Wyomans” to replace their traditional moniker “Wyomingites,” on account of how Wyomingite is a rock made of lava and is therefore somehow unworthy of the great people of Wyoming.

I guess they're Wyomans after all!

Subsequently, I invited the people of the world to weigh in on what the people of Wyoming really ought to be called in this poll.

The votes are now in, and I’m somewhat unhappy to report that Justice Scalia has gotten his way.  With 970 votes being cast, “Wyomans” took the top spot in the poll with 241 of the votes, or nearly 25%, just edging out one of my favorite options, “Wymerrhymerbingbangs,” which came in a strong second at 225 votes (or 23%).   There were 107 “other” votes, but unfortunately, I can’t figure out if there’s a way to get a list of what these write-in votes actually were.  Apart from this category, then, “Cheneys” and “Wyomingites” came in a distant third, with 84 votes each (about 9%).  My personal favorites, “Non-non-Wyomans” got only 6 votes, placing it dead last among the choices.

Thanks for voting.  Democracy rocks!


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One response to “Scalia Prevails: People Prefer “Wyomans”; “Wymerrhymerbingbangs” Comes in Close Second

  1. Diana Schutte Dowling

    Well duh, you didn’t give a choice of the obvious: Wyomingan.

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