A Seventh Amendment Children’s Book?

The Seventh Amendment to the Constitution says that “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved . . .”  As provisions in the Bill of Rights go, this one is, well, not one of your biggest.  Indeed, it’s one of the only rights you can find there that has not been incorporated against the states through the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment, which means the states are not bound by it.

But the relative oddness of the Seventh Amendment has not, perhaps surprisingly, made it not a topic of a children’s book.  Check out this 32 page, $27 book called “Seventh Amendment: The Right to Trial By Jury” by Rich Smith.   The perfect gift for the Constitution-obsessed 9-12 year old on your Christmas list this December!

Or, if you prefer to just skim a few pages, you could go here.


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