Happy Halloween from Odd Clauses

Boo!  Are you scared?  I am.  Because my book is coming out tomorrow.  Eeeek.

You know, The Odd Clauses is very Halloweeny, if you think about it.  For one thing, there’s a whole chapter basically about pirates and how we used to fight them by giving privateers a so-called Letter of Marque that authorized the private ships to fight for the government.  Then there’s a chapter about titles of nobility and how Americans generally can’t be kings or queens or princes or princesses.  There’s a discussion of the emanations of the penumbras of the bill of rights that the Court used to think created a right to privacy–that’s a spooky ghost story right there.  And I’ve even got a discussion of space, and thus by implication, sort of, astronauts, in the Weights and Measures chapter.  My son is going as an astronaut.  I’m dressed as Patrice Bergeron, and I have to say that the big bloody gauze bandage on my right index finger is making it a real pain to tyyyhpe.  Why couldn’t that Canuck have bitten him on the left pinky?

Anyway, I’ll be on the Brian Lehrer show this morning at 10:41 on WNYC and also on Dan Rea’s Nightside at 10:00, if you want to listen to something while raiding your kids’ candy buckets.



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