BookTV Airings Announced

I’m happy to say that BookTV has announced its first set (maybe only set) of showings of my Brookline Booksmith Odd Clauses reading/discussion event.  It will air on Sunday, January 22, at 3 pm and 8:15 pm, and then if you are an insomniac, at 1 in the morning on Monday.  Details are here. So make sure to tune in and watch me sweat like Richard Nixon!



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5 responses to “BookTV Airings Announced

  1. C-SPAN Video Library is FOREVER

  2. E. Blevins

    Jay, I am listening to you on C-SPAN as I write this. I was excited at the prospect of learning some rare tid-bit about the Constitution, as I’m a high school History/Gov. teacher. Alas, my age has gotten the better of me AGAIN! You see, I actually took courses on the Constitution and we READ it back in the day, so all the “odd, obscure” clauses you are talking about are things I actually teach to my students.

    I’m quite sure my students can tell you why the founders were so fearful of concentration of power, also why Congressmen can’t be arrested on the way to work! Really, I thought all history classes covered that!

    The ineligibility clause is also something that’s no secret.
    NOW……I have a real problem in your comment on John McCain’s birthplace. As I recall, his dad was commander of a base in Panama, and McCain was born on base which is considered to be U.S. soil. I think a better example for you to give might be Berry Goldwater’s birthplace. Remember, he was born in Arizona…..but before it was a state. It was still a territory and that was an issue in the 1964 election. Obama, on the other hand was born in Hawaii (well, maybe) and that’s a state, so why would you think that’s an issue?

    ALSO…… really excellent professors are careful to seperate fact and their opinion. Early in your talk you mentioned the Natural born citizen clause and said it was a stupid clause. NO, some of us think it’s a very important clause so perhaps you shouldn’t be so presumptious and say “in my opinion it’s a stupid clause”.

    OMG… you’re calling the 2 senators per state a stupid clause!!! Do you not understand the Founders’ intent at all?????? They are to represent the interests of the STATES. 10th ammendment…..remember. They felt STATES were important and their interests should be represented.

    I’m guessing you also think Washington DC should be a State and that we should do away with the Electorial College. Bet I’m right, huh???

    OK, now you just said that the presidents before Van Buran were born overseas….NO….NO….NO. They were all born here. READ YOUR HISTORY. You come across as a very uninformed, unprofessional person. I would be horrified if you were my child’s professor.

  3. Mr. Wexler,

    I just complexed watching your CSPAN airing and have two questions about the National Guard issues that was raised by the first questioner. My first is: Is there difference in the eyes of the Constitution between being an officer in the National Guard and being an Enlisted man?
    The second draws from the argument made that an officer might vote for or against going to war depending on how they feel about war. Could this arguement be made against those who have children serving in the military? The idea of sending their child into harms way may well color their decision.

  4. Mr. Baker–thank you for your questions. There would definitely be a difference between being an officer in the Guard and being an enlisted man–only the former cannot also at the same time serve as a member of Congress under the terms of the Incompatibility Clause of Art. I. As to your second argument, there may very be reasons that legislators with children serving in the military should not vote on whether to send the country to war, but the reasons would not be constitutional ones. JW

    • Mr. Wexler,

      Thank you! I used clips of the airing in my 8th grade government class the next day in regards that specific clause as a check and balance between the legislative and executive branch. Every little bit helps. Thanks again for the response.

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